McDonald’s Menu and Prices in UK for today – Latest Changes 14 July 2024

It’s the most complete and trustworthy McDonald Menu Prices UK with all the existing prices as of 2024. The comfy navigation across the menu will allow you to find your favorite dish quickly, and learn its price and calories. We also don’t ignore the vegetarian options – they have a separate menu. Anyone who likes a tasty breakfast can find many impressive things on the McDonald’s Breakfast Menu.

The menu is separated into several areas that refer to further types of food and drink found in all McDonald’s restaurants in the United Kingdom.

Saver Menu

The meal features the most fundamental dishes offered at McDonald’s Saver Menu, which are affordable options you can select without concern for the cost. It includes fries, McFlurries, and various small burgers, predominantly featuring different varieties of cheeseburgers at McDonald’s.


These sandwiches form the cornerstone of McDonald’s menu. Currently, the menu offers 19 distinct burgers made from beef, chicken, fish, and vegetable substitutes. They vary in size, ingredients, and even shape.

Snacks / Sides / Fries

These items are all additional snacks meant to be dipped into the sauce and enjoyed alongside the main course. Most of them are made from chicken. In addition to potato fries, you can purchase a variety of other sides to enhance your meal.

Vegan and Vegetarian Menu 🌱

They mainly showcase McDonald’s meat-free items. The Vegetarian menu offers McFlurries, sodas, coffee, and various specials. The Vegan list excludes anything made from animal products. Both menus feature specials such as veggie burgers, wraps, and dippers, which may be priced higher than their meat-containing counterparts at McDonald’s Menu UK.


McDonald’s wrap on the day. A delightful combination of meat and vegetables, all wrapped inside a soft bread wrap at McDonald’s Menu UK.

Happy Meal

How much is a Happy Meal? The Happy Meal is the iconic children’s meal available in several variations. The portions are typically smaller and feature foods that children love. Each package also includes a toy gift at McDonald’s Menu UK.


Our customers sometimes overlook salads, but we offer a diverse range of dishes featuring vegetables, chicken, and more. They come in a neat box or plate, similar to wraps. Choose your favorite and savor the freshness of crisp greens at McDonald’s Menu UK.


This section is dedicated to condiments, which can be used not only for dipping but also as dressings for salads, burgers, and pancakes at McDonald’s Menu UK.


For those with a sweet tooth, we offer a wide selection of sugar-filled desserts to complete your meal. Here, you can find McFlurries, milkshakes, pastries, and more at McDonald’s Menu UK.


The McFlurry is McDonald’s autographed line of ice cream desserts. Choose your favorite flavor from our wide array of options – each one is equally delicious at McDonald’s Menu UK.


A milkshake is the perfect on-the-go dessert, consisting of milk, cream, sugar, syrup, and flavorful ingredients at McDonald’s Menu UK.


McCafe provides a selection of all the types of coffee you might desire at McDonald’s Menu UK.

McDonald’s Iced Coffee

Iced coffee, or Frappe, is a blend of coffee, ice cream, syrup, and other ingredients that deliver a perfect combination of energy and flavor at McDonald’s Menu UK.


McDonald’s Menu UK: Feeling thirsty? Our extensive selection of drinks on the menu will make it easy to find something to quench your thirst.

The McDonald’s menu with prices listed on our site and the McDonalds Prices List were verified in the following cities: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Belfast, Sheffield, Manchester, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff, and Coventry. However, these prices also apply in other locations—information updated as of McDonald’s July 2024.

Mcdonald’s Uk Customer Service

McDonald’s History in the UK

This fast-food chain’s foremost branch evolved in November 1974 in South-East London. By maintaining the food rate and health and security measures, McDonald’s saw a massive demand and favor of their meals and assistance. 

As time passed, the fast-food chain began to open its units in additional cities and territories of the United Kingdom. Presently, 1000+ McDonald’s eateries operate in the United Kingdom independently. 

McDonald’s Branches and Employees in the UK

This fast-food chain has among the highest number of employees employed by a company in the UK With more than 1350 additional franchises and cafes, it is the most by any snappy-food chain in the world. Within these cafes, almost 120,000 employees are working in different degrees. 

With its practical leadership and movement, McDonald’s is operating a large number of eateries and managing a large pool of workers. All the posse associates and employees are given the required activity about their tasks. 

McDonald’s Latest offers

McDonald’s keeps publishing new proposals and compelling exchanges for its patrons. In these values, you can get additional prizes and giveaways from this fast food chain. You get bonuses from My McDonald’s Rewards and discounts for students‘ schedules by participating in these suggestions either at the department or via the McDonald’s App.


McDonald’s does not want its clients to miss any value or item just because they cannot visit the nearby department. So, for this goal, they have supplied an opportunity to order food from the amenity of your house. 

McDonald’s itself has a benefit for providing food and other delivery members are also associated with this fast meals chain to produce food like Deliveroo, Eat, and Uber Eats. But before you call for any food from your nearby McDonald’s branch, make sure the branch is showing the McDelivery service. Check out our blog for more details.

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