Burger McPlant at McDonald’s

McPlant burger – McDonald’s vegan menu is extremely diversified. Those who accomplish eating root can push a tasty burger with a ton of elements and three types of gravy! A substantial edge of plant-based essence is that it includes less calories than a simple one, so you can eat such burgers and stay fit! The components that are utilized in this dish are:

Kcal: 429

Kj: 1798

Price: £4.99

An excellent burger “Mc Plant” without heart at an inexpensive price at McDonald’s.

In the United Kingdom, a norm of 2,200 kcal (8,700 kJ) is required for standard importance maintenance.

Downward is knowledge about the nutritious value of a dish for one individual:

Protein19 g
Carbs40 g
Fat20 g
Salt2.2 g
Saturates6.6 g
Sugars10 g

Understand about allergic eats in a talk– McPlant burger:

Contain allergens:

  • Wheat gluten, sesame, mustard.

May have traces of allergen:

  • Barley gluten, rye gluten, milk.

We are tracking the updates and the transmission is applicable in 2024!

Price Meal : £6.69 (medium), £7.39 (large).

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