Smarties McFlurry at McDonald’s

Smarties McFlurry + mini – this delectable delight is a combination of ice lotion and glazed crumbs of chocolate. If you got weary of simple ice cream, then it’s a dessert worth testing getaway!

Kcal: 273

Kj: 1148

Price: £1.59

The numerous suitable options for hot weather! This and additional desserts at a proper price at McDonald’s.

In the United Kingdom, a standard of 2,200 kcal (8,700 kJ) is required for regular weight care.

Down is knowledge about the nutritious value of a dish for one person:

Smarties McFlurry (273 kcal / 1148 kJ)

Protein5.2 g
Carbs40 g
Fat10 g
Salt0.19 g
Saturates6.7 g
Sugars37 g

Find out about the allergic effects in the world:

Contain allergens:

  • Wheat gluten, barley gluten, milk.

May contain traces of allergen:

  • Oats gluten, soya.

We are following the updates and the details is applicable in 2024!

The cost of mini – £1.19

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